A little insight into our business now during Corona


Now we are finally starting our blog where we will give you an insight into Mareli Medical’s work around the world in over 50 countries. Through the blog you will get exciting news and see our daily work with everything from packaging to customer service and training.

We will also address important questions for the industry and tell you how we can help you as a therapist to take your clinic to a higher level.

We were going to start by giving you a little insight into our business now during Corona, and how Covid-19 has affected us and our colleagues in the industry.

Because we are an international supplier we saw that something was about to happen, long before Corona reached Scandinavia. Orders from customers around Europe declined and almost overnight all sales to Italy and Spain collapsed. We quickly did an analysis and realized that this was going to get worse. To reduce the impact, we immediately ordered a larger stock of products so that we could maintain our service to our customers.

During March we had lost about 50% of our sales and deliveries to us from some suppliers started to be delayed. March and April were a bit shaky, but thanks to good planning and management we managed well. We already see in May that sales are starting to return to normal, which we are obviously very happy about.

We have temporarily cut down on our staff and everyone works about 2 days a week and is laid off the remaining time. With the help of smart technology and practical solutions, together we have provided all customers with the service they are used to. In the worst case, a customer has had to wait a day longer for their goods and there has been some delay in reply via mail. On the whole, the business has rolled on well and it is during these times that it is clear to see the importance of building a company with strong finances and stable suppliers and customers.

We want to take this opportunity to thank all our partners and customers for your loyalty and understanding.

We continue to fight with the same ambition as usual, to give our customers the absolute best service we can. Do you need help with something? Do not hesitate to contact us.


All staff at Mareli Medical